"The Black race should not worry about adverse conditions, or become discourage in our endeavors, because if it is in God's plan, it will be successful"

- Charles P. Adams


"We understand the problems a young, often poor, black boy or girl faces. Put them in an institution where few understand their problems, and they are lost." "

- Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones


"I have been to Harvard, Colorado and Berkeley, but the foundation I received at Grambling made it all possible. I feel I must work for the advantage of other blacks for whom Grambling is the only gate through which they may pass to greater opportunities, a fuller life and increased service to mankind. "

- Joseph B Johnson


"I see difficult situations as launching pads to higher standards of accountability and productivity. "

- Neari Francois Warner


"A university is often measured by the quality of the product it produces...its students. Grambling State University embraces this theory and salutes its graduates for their continued quest for excellence. "

- Horace A. Judson


"We are not standing still. We are not paralyzed by budget cuts. We are aggressively looking at new revenue streams to support our planning process. We are forging partnerships that will increase our student enrollment and we are seeking every opportunity to make our institution stronger. "

- Dr. Frank G. Pogue


"I don't think there's any vision that's too big or too bold for Grambling "

- Richard Gallot, Jr


"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. "

- Coach Eddie Robinson

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Lancaster High School Band Room @ 11AM 3.25.2017
Lancaster High School Band Room @ 11AM 4.22.2017
TBA 5.27.2017
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church (Fellowship Hall)
1819 N. Washington Ave, Dallas, TX  75204        @11AM
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church (Fellowship Hall)
1819 N. Washington Ave, Dallas, TX  75204        @11AM
TBA 8.26.2017
TBA 9.23.2017
TBA 10.28.2017
TBA 11.25.2017
TBA 12.23.2017

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